How to Plan Your Wedding during COVID-19 (social-distancing style!)

Photo @winniecouture

So how do you really plan a wedding during COVID-19? Seamlessly, actually. Hear me out. Unfortunately, COVID will be around for a bit. In the meantime, don’t give up on your dream wedding! Yes, you can still plan the wedding you have been looking forward to and have it be just as beautiful as you envision it to be. I know it’s a difficult time, but your wedding day should not be.

Here are some steps & tricks on how to plan your wedding during COVID-19 and WHY you need to put on your big-girl boots and get to planning – or – get to hiring a wedding & event planner.


Haven’t you heard the reports of how much cleaner the oceans have been or how many more animals have been seen? That’s because during quarantine, the earth had its opportunity to breathe. We allowed it to regenerate, grow, and live in a much less toxic environment than it’s used to.  The world, in fact, got a little better.  Sure for us humans it has not been all refreshing, but it has in fact caused us to pause and slow down. In doing that, we have seen how little we actually need and what is most important to us. It has helped refresh our minds in all aspects. I am also sure during this time that you have become closer to those you truly need/want in your life and more distant to those you do not. Bright side!? This helps keeps a guest list down. Still unsure of how to plan your wedding during COVID-19? Keep reading…


We are now much more capable of picturing a different way of life – even if just temporary. And you know what, this new way of thinking can be fantastic! Before COVID, many couples were forced to invite tons of guests for fear of offending if they didn’t. Nobody wants a text or call asking why they weren’t invited to your special day, even if you hadn’t seen one another in years. And let’s be honest, we all have family or friends we love but don’t necessarily trust them at social gatherings! You are now able to limit guests’ attendance without feeling any guilt! Some may even thank you for not putting them in the awkward position to decline. And what better time to say, “Sorry, no kids allowed!”

Photo by: Curtis Smith / Venue: Historic Walton House / Planner: Alina Moleta


A smaller wedding is a LOT less expensive than a big one for obvious reasons and truthfully, smaller weddings don’t get the credit they deserve. Why would a smaller wedding be less spectacular than a larger wedding?  Flowers, food, music – those haven’t changed. Location?  The same – just all at a better price! Imagine. You need a lot of less food & drinks to satisfy your guests. You need less flowers and decor to fill the space.  All these details amount to a much smaller hit to your wallet. Worried about the vendors? We still work with the same vendors we love even before COVID came around. Some are even offering discounts to help you during this time (more savings!). Maybe you like something more casual – hire a food truck or a chef to prepare mouth-watering ribs or a platter of fresh seafood. Some of the decadent food and drink items you would have wanted to serve wouldn’t have been financially feasible, but now it is!


Now that you know the tangible perks of a small wedding, this is how we’ll do it. First, let’s find a location. Think non-traditionally by selecting a location you wouldn’t otherwise be able to celebrate in. The beach?  A mountainside? What about that friend with the amazing backyard? You are not limited in venue options, but actually have more options with a smaller guest list. Still prefer a traditional church and dancehall? No problem – those locations are open as well (for now). Smaller tables or high-top style tables can be set up to keep in line with social distancing. Waiters can walk around with serving trays  or you could always serve food buffet style. Love to dance? As long as everyone keeps a safe distance, there is no reason to cancel the party! Hyper-vigilant about COVID?  You can always elope! Forget fussing altogether and let this moment be all about you and your partner. Just don’t forget to hire the photographer – and planner!

Need suggestions? Check out our Past Events page for photos and feel free to follow us on Instagram for ALL the photos and events. One amazing outdoor location I have planned weddings at is The Historic Walton House. Just check out how gorgeous their venue is! The question of how to plan your wedding during COVID-19 will be a thing of the past.

Outdoor wedding
Photo by: The Picture Cottage / Venue: Coral Gables Country Club / Planner: Alina Moleta

Like I said, I promise you will have a beautiful and (most certainly) memorable wedding. Lastly, heading into your marriage with money in the bank from NOT having a large expensive wedding is a pretty good way to start things off! (Or invest those savings into an exclusive honeymoon far away from everyone – because, you know, COVID).

XOXO, Alina

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