We take your event preparations off your shoulders, but never out of your hands. That begins with a personalized consultation where we get to know you and your vision. Then, we get to work! Alina is there to help you with any detail or situation which may arise. Which leaves you free to relax and enjoy the event that you have worked so diligently to bring to fruition.

Event Coordination services

Full Planning

Working together, throughout the whole process. With guidance and assurance that everything gets secured in a timely manner. Guaranteeing the best of your event.

Partial Planning

If you need a general idea in which direction to head, and have the time to plan your wedding. This is a great option! We come in a few months out and tie up any loose ends.

Month of Planning

This is for the client that really has the time, and resources, to get it done on your own. We come in thirty days prior to review all the details and guarantee a memorable night.

All Services include

Alina will oversee your vendors, and handle the management of the entire event, becoming well versed in your expectation of the day.

Preferred Vendors

All my clients will receive a list of my Preferred Vendors. This assists you in narrowing down any outstanding vendors you may need.

The Extras

If you don't want to spend a ton of money on things like, card boxes, etc., I some very economical rentals for my clients.